Display Port 1.3 will support 3D 4K and 8K video


After the latest news related to the standard USB connector with Type-C , there’s other interesting news this time Display Port interface and the next revision 1.3. The information now available to speak to notable improvements that will come due to an increase in the bit rate from 5.4 Gbps (DP 1.2) to as many as 8.1 Gbps per channel.

With this feature you can easily manage configurations with multiple 4K display through a single cable, in addition, if we consider the 4-channel, we will have a theoretical bandwidth of 32.4 Gbps that enable you to also enjoy video 8K. This opens up a new world which consequently lead behind a new generation of devices and most likely also to the spread of 3D 4K. According to current information, they should see the first news in 2014.

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