The network got photos of unknown smartphone Oppo

Any manufacturer of smartphones in a randomly chosen time required is working on several new devices – be it as a flagship, secrets are usually protected most carefully (which still can not hold a huge amount of leakage) and low cost smart phones that are particularly no guards, but no one takes the time to spread a network of its photos and performance simply because the gadget is still not cause much excitement. While it is not clear which category the device which photo leaked to the network, but in front of us, probably, one of the unannounced smartphone Oppo medium and budget segments.

A photograph of the device is easy to learn for votermark, published a twitter-account @ evleaks with the words “Hello, OPPO”. Unfortunately, as is often the case, no further information was provided, so while we can only guess that it is in front of us for a smartphone, and what he will get the stuffing, but we are almost completely sure that this is not the future flagship Oppo, which is to get a high-quality 12-megapixel camera with N-lenses.

So, we will have to watch to see if new information about the device, photographed or Oppo present it in the near future.

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