Baidu Duer - Virtual Assistant from China

Baidu Duer – Virtual Assistant from China

The quite amusing news came from China. Local Internet giant Baidu has decided that residents of China needed a voice, virtual assistant. And the Asian. Instead of Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

Feature of the new Virtual Assistant

No sooner said than done. It is reported that the company introduced mobile virtual assistant named Duer. It is designed for installation on gadgets running Android.

The program is able to recognize it, to find information on the network, as well as much more.

Baidu Duer - Virtual Assistant from China

Now the invention, the forces supporting the nearest movie theater, organize the delivery of food, call the repairman and others. In the future, the creators are planning to teach Duer interact intelligent buildings (control locks, air conditioning systems, lighting and other household appliances).

In addition, the virtual assistant will be closely linked with other services of the corporation (eg, search and mapping service).

Do this for a very significant chance of success – Baidu applications installed on millions of smartphones and tablets in China.

Source: technologyreview

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